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draganies's Journal

I've started a new journal to help me sort through some issues that have been especially troublesome recently. I used to have another journal but due to an individual from my past, I'm just not comfortable using it anymore.

I'm looking to gain a few friends as I find having others to relate to and interact with on the topic of some of my issues can be therapeutic. I post sporadically though. I might go quite a long time between posts and then post half a dozen times in one day... At least, that's how I used to do it.

My primary topics will concern anxiety, depression, domestic violence, marital problems, boundary setting and some really weird and confusing belief systems the origin of which is a complete mystery to me.

More about me... I'm between 25 and 30 years old. I'm married (not to my abuser). We live in a house with a college friend of ours. I have a dog and big back yard with an apple tree and a rope swing. See? There are good things in my life I just don't talk about them much. XP

PS... some of the things I intend to discuss in this journal will be extremely disturbing. I will make sure to post warnings. I'm also interested in BDSM so that may come up but I'll post warnings about that too.